Barcelona, Spain

There’s a good reason why Barcelona is among the most favored destinations in the world. Being among the largest metropolises in the region, Barcelona offers something for everybody. Coming from stunning beaches to exciting Spanish nightlife to a lot of Michelin stars which will overjoy any food lovers to famous galleries to architectural wonders. There’s an abundance of things to do in Barcelona. Open any travel guide and you can see a number of recommendations for one of the most favorite tourist spots in Spain.

It’s not hard to take your time looking up on the unique architecture seen all through the region, however you’ll fail to see a few of the other best choices for what to see in the city. If perhaps you really want to discover the best in the place, be sure you take a look at these top things to see in Barcelona…

The Font Mágica Fountain is worth visiting whenever you visit Barcelona. The fountain was constructed in 1929 and it’s still among the most well-known sights in Barcelona. You’ll experience a true magic with this wonderful display of water arrangements, audio and lighting. A blend of all these elements together in the perfect combinations, results in a pure magic!

It’s the central most boulevard that cuts through the city center. It begins at Plaza Catalunya and ends up in the Columbs Monument at Port Vell (the old harbor) of Barcelona,that links the old and modern city.

While you stroll around,you’ll see attractions like the Virreina Palace, the Gran teatre del Liceu as well as the La Boqueria market. Some other famous places are the mosaic by Joan Miró and the Font de Canaletes that is a popular fountain and common meeting point.

The Sagrada Familia is among the most visited tourist site around Barcelona. The construction of the church started in 1882 from the project by the architect Francisco de Paula del Villar. Towards the end of 1883 Gaudí was designated to continue the work. He didn’t give up this project till his death in 1926. Since that time the building of the church uses Gaudi´s original concept and the best methods are employed to make the work more safe, more comfortable and quicker.

The church is situated in the midst of Barcelona and in many years it has become the most renowned and most visited tourist attractions in the city. The expiatory church is visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year and much more study its architectural and spiritual content.

Barceloneta beach is among the most visited and well-known beaches around Barcelona. Furthermore, it’s the nearest to the metropolis center. Across the sandy beach extends a walkway that is a great opportunity for joggers as well as biker.There are lots of things you can do on the beach. Windsurfing and kite surfing are extremely popular. Also you can savor a refreshing drink coming from one of the beach bars. Or perhaps you can simply lay down and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean sea and warmness of the Spanish sun!

Picasso always desired to have his museum in Barcelona. This is because he lived his crucial years here – that from apprenticeship being an artist. Around 1963 the museum opened up its doors on the gothic Palau Aguilar situated at number 15 Carrer de Montcada. There are tons of paintings, engravings,as well as drawing that he handed down to the museum. The museum collection includes numerous art belonging to the Blue and the Rose periods. Also , there are numerous ceramics which Picasso made that can be seen also in the museum.

Pablo´s most well-known paintings are not here, however you’ll see a large collection of his work at the time he was young up to his Rose Period.