9 Survival Trips For Traveling With Your Partner

Let’s face facts: traveling can be just as daunting as it is exciting. There are a lot of plans that need to be put into place, and the possibilities of something going wrong might be worrying. That is doubly true if you are taking a trip with someone else! In order to make sure you are well prepared to have the best journey possible, let’s take a look at 9 survival tips for traveling with your partner:

1 – Pack Light

Even a minimum of two people can lead to a literal mountain of belongings that are deemed essential for travel. The more stuff you have to pack and lug around, the grumpier you will be over time. Try to pair down what you take along with you to only the absolute bare necessities, and do your best to maximize the space in the smallest, lightest luggage you can find.

2 – Make Your Luggage Stand Out

On the same note, you want to make sure your luggage stands out from the crowd, especially if you are taking flights or a bus trip. Having the same standard make and model of a briefcase or travel bag as a multitude of other travelers is going to lead to confusion and frustration. Pick something brightly colored that you can recognize right away, and feel free to personalize it as much as you’d like.

3 – Turn Your Phone WiFi Off

If you are traveling abroad, make sure you turn the WiFi off on your phone when not in use. Be wary of connecting to public networks as well! Otherwise, you might leave any personal info stored in the device at risk for potential hacking and phishing attempts going on in the area.

4 – Dress Comfortably

Of course you want to look your best if you’re taking an important trip, but don’t be afraid to keep comfort in mind. You’re going to hate yourself later if you only have unforgiving dress clothes and tight fitting shoes, especially if you intend to walk around a lot. It’s okay to look a bit like a tourist if it means your feet aren’t killing you every night!

5 – Keep Your Wallet Close

Crucial belongings like your wallet need to be kept close by, preferably somewhere on the front of your person rather than back pockets and the like. There are many wallets sold now that are secure, lightweight, and resilient to scanning devices. Take something like that along and make sure you have it on you rather than in a bag you may accidentally leave behind.

6 – Take Some Cash

You don’t want to be caught anywhere without some form of paper currency. There are many establishments that don’t take card payments. It’s also much safer to pay in cash anyway since no information can be taken from you.

7 – Pack Some Light Snacks

No matter how well you plan a trip, it can sometimes be a chore figuring out dinner plans. If anything changes last minute, having some light snacks on hand can at least make sure you don’t have to go without any form of food at all. Creature comforts like your favorite crackers can also keep you from getting homesick.

8 – Prepare Yourself For The Locale

Whether you are going to an unfamiliar area or traveling abroad where people will be speaking other languages, be prepared. Make sure you have GPS capabilities, access to some sort of internet search engine, and a language translator if possible.

9 – Accommodate “Me Time”

Even if you are traveling with someone else like your spouse or romantic partner, you shouldn’t feel pressured to spend every second together. Leave a little bit of breathing room for one another as individuals. If you both have separate interests to some degree, cater to that. For example, you may actually split off into different directions one afternoon or even spend your downtime checking out different parts of your lodging amenities in the evening. A little bit of time apart will make the moments you do share that much better.

With these 9 survival tips for traveling with your partner in mind, you should have all you need to have a successful trip that is equally parts happy, healthy, memorable, and safe. Who could ask for anything more? A little bit of forward planning is really all it takes to help any vacation or business trip go smoothly. Follow the pointers listed above to the letter and you can be sure that all of your future travels will be among the best you have ever experienced.

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