London, United Kingdom

Are you searching for the most beautiful spots in London to go to? Perhaps it is to take Instagram pictures, probably to capture unforgettable family pictures, or simply just to surround yourself in the best things London has to offer you. Well, you have come to the right place. We will help you fell in love with the city as well as all of her romantic charms instantly.

Throughout your stay in London, regardless if you are searching for well known or not-so-famous beautiful places to visit, you will find a lot of choices to see and discover. The beauty of London could best be discovered simply by exploring lovely streets and unique markets. Stopping in the occasional coffee shop or pub every now and then and enjoying an excellent dinner to fill up your day’s travels can make for some remarkable days in London.

Without a doubt, the real magic of London is in her tourist attractions. Here are the top places that you may want to consider:

London Eye

This London landmark has received pride of place aside from the Thames for nearly twenty years. This South Bank observation wheel topples above the Thames at 135-metres high – which makes it the highest in Europe. Those who brave the height would be given to a 360 degree view of London, along with St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace all in range.

When your request to the Queen’s summer garden party got lost, you could still view the outside of Buckingham Palace in all its beauty from The Mall. Royals have named this place home since Queen Victoria’s rule during 1837, when she proclaimed it her official residence. Passers-by could see the renowned balcony as well as the fur-cladded guards in the gates, and on the summer season there’s a possibility to see the nineteen magnificent State Rooms inside.

St Paul’s Cathedral

In spite of being more than 1,400 years old and also a symbol of London’s endurance throughout the war, St Paul’s Cathedral continues to have a weekly programme of services along with its function as being a tourist attraction. Highlights of the trip feature the Whispering Gallery – in which visitors could whisper on the wall and the acoustics of the space cause it to be heard everywhere around the round walkway, even in the other side.

Big Ben

The House of Parliament’s clock tower is among the most widely known attractions in the capital, and its sounds are instantly recognizable. It has been uncharacteristically quiet since August 2017, when immediate restoration work started – however the 160-year-old tower is anticipated to be back again in its full glory around 2021.

Tower of London

The very fact that this London castle is home to the Crown Jewels is definitely among its primary attraction, however there’s a lot more to place it in your radar. The Tower has witnessed over 1,000 years of history – in Tudor times, it’s the place traitors were held captive, and in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the castle was widely used as a prison.