8 Items to Include in Your Hostel Packing List

As you ponder your impending adventure travelling the globe and staying in economic hostels, you may wonder what kind of items the accommodations may call for. To be fair, staying in a hostel is clean, relaxing and restful, but nothing like the 5-Star accommodations you may be used to.

To keep things simple, here are a few of the most important items you will want to include in your travel bags if you will be sleeping in hostels for your trip.

1. Padlock

As you may imagine, there are all types that come to stay at the friendly and economical accommodations of the hostel. But, you don’t want to give any of them a chance. Make sure all your bags and belongings are secured with a locking mechanism. You should have a couple of these and they should be of the best quality. A cable lock is small compact and can keep all your baggage secured together and safe from all but the most determined villains.

2. Earplugs

While they are nowhere near as malicious as baggage thieves, snorers, mouth-breathers, late night-arrivers and the ambient sounds of unknown locations can also ruin your trip by keeping you awake at night. It is important to get good quality rest if you hope to be at your very best for your trip, this is why a good set of earplugs is a smart thing to have.

3. Eye masks

Another essential item to have in your hostel bag will keep you from the many visual interruptions to your sleep. Roommates will turn the light on and off all the time or use their mobile devices at all hours of the night, expect it. To ensure that you wake well rested and refreshed, wear an eye mask while sleeping and earplugs and just let the world around you fade away.

4. Universal charger

A must have item for any traveler who will be seeing the globe is a universal charger. There is no telling what the connections will look like where you go and in case your regular charger is not suitable, you will want to have something that can address all the devices you have. Having a power bank with you is another good way to keep yourself well-connected.

5. Quick-dry towel

You may be lucky enough to find yourself in a hostel that does offer towels, but many will not. In any case, you don’t want to take any chances, have a small quick dry towel on hand. This is not just great for emergencies but for those times you find an unexpectedly suitable swimming location and would like to take a dip.

6. Flip-flops

This is not just for heading out to sunny locations and sandy beaches, though they are great for those times as well. Your flip flops will save you from cold floors, sharp objects and athlete’s foot in the communal showers of a hostel location – a must have item!

7. A Waterproof Toiletries bag

You will want your entire bathroom kit to be as easy to access and formidable against the elements as possible. If you can find the type that actually rolls out and hangs up on the wall, you will be very happy. Hostel showers can be small and busy, so keeping things as easy as possible in there will take a strain off the trip.

8. Card Games

You will meet all sorts of people from all walks of life on your travels and one thing that can always bring people together for fun is a good card game. Bring a deck of cards and learn a few fast-paced games and a few classics. This is a great way to make friends and connect with people.

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